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Withers - Lancashire family history
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A photo gallery has been set up at this site for pictures of the family.
Pictures of places of family significance are accessible from the family history web pages on this site.
For interest,and until I find a more permanent home, here are images of a letter
from Lord Beaufort to Hicks snr dated October 25 1885.
(Chris Jessup has made a commendable effort to decipher the handwriting on the Lord Beaufort letter)

Special thanks go to Geoff Merritt of Stockbridge for his enthusiastic support and detective work .

Thanks and acknowledgment to Bob Sanders for information provided relating to Elizabeth Hicks Withers.

The family tree is temporarily removed new version to be added.

This page is maintained by Roger Cole = Son of Moreen(Nin) = daughter of Reginald and Ada in conjunction with Lynne W-L.
Derived from original work carried out by Christopher Jessup = Son of Beryl = Daughter of Gerald and Ida

contacts for this page:  r.v.cole@btinternet.com

Any info received  will be copied to Lynne Withers-Lancashire
Arrangements can be made for a cd of the complete set of photos available

30/June/2002 -  Obituary page added for Reginald Hicks senior from the photo gallery.
07/July/2002 - Additions to the family history text, Withers Lancashire section added.   Picture of Ada, Reginald Hicks(jnr) wife added to the gallery
09/July/2002 - A thank you to Geoff added + updates to the family tree
10/July/2002 - Additions to the Withers-Lancashire history section
17/July/2002 - Further additions to W-L history section including addition of litigation documents and links on church sites (to be completed soon)
18/July/2002 - Changes to history pages layout.
21/July/2002 - St James Priory and St Mary, Redcliffe pages provided with text and photos
22/July/2002 - changes to layout of this page and changes to first history page
23/July/2002 - further details added to first history page
29/July/2002 - Dick (Johannesburg ) picture added.
04/August/2002 - New Link on this page to enlarged Withers Coat of Arms, powerpoint family tree corrections, The temporary photo gallery page will remain until I return from my holiday in 2 weeks time
21/August/2002 - photo gallery updated
25/August/2002 - main page temporary update, history page update, Hicks and Ada marriage certificate added
31/August/2002 - additions to family history page.
05/September/2002 - additions and corrections to the family history page. Mona and Reginald Hicks jnr birth certificates added.
11/September/2002 - updated family history page.
16/September/2002 - Samuels family found, history page updated and family tree updated.
21/September/2002 - family history update and Powerpoint family tree updated with 4th slide.
07/October/2002 - family history update. Link made to Rupert Withers who Enid found.. More info about Hicks and Ada addresses. More birth certificates.
19/October/2002 - Rupert Photo added to family history. Corrections to text around Norbury. Hicks jnr children corrected to age order of display in family tree.
29/October/2002 - Herbert Withers page added as a link from the history page
15/April/2003 - After a gap of several months investigations have taken place at Bristol Records Office for information concerning Samuel. Additional information has been added to the family history page concerning Samuels life in Bristol and his parents along with other minor changes.  Additions and minor corrections have been made to the family tree (Powerpoint only now). This page has been updated.
28/April/2003 - Reference to John witnessing Samuels wedding added.  Changes to R-H senior life after he retired from the army, rethink on the relevance and significance of Ham Green.
16/July/2003 -  A further trip to Bristol Records Office to add photo of John and Jane’s wedding entry at St Johns Parish Church Bedminster and photo of Samuel Hicks baptism entry at St Augustine-the-Less plus a note on the use of the name Hicks. Corrected the text on Hicks snr army career on the history page to match the obituary account.
03/August/2003 - Whilst in Lancashire a visit to Pendleton found Pendleton Hall. Text and pictures added to a Pendleton Hall page accessed from the page titled   Wythers (Withers) - 2 Wythers (Withers) of Lancashire.
07/August/2003 - Contact made with Bob Sanders, husband of a descendant of Elizabeth Hicks Withers. Information provided by him on Maria Withers, Elizabeth’s marriage, and Maria's father Richard Withers, previously Baker. Question raised on origin of the name Withers in this branch.
09/February/2004 - searches made on Ida. S. Prichard grand daughter of Samuel but no birth registration found yet although she was christened. Site updated to include new info.
17/February/2004 - posted updated pages onto the web. Some additional info supplied by Bob Sanders incorporated into the history page. Another offshoot page is being developed for Elizabeth Hicks Withers. Further info on Maria to be added later as will the transcription of the Beaufort letter.
19/February/2004 - Maria Withers page added. Reorganised  text on Richard Withers/Baker and family. Short section on Henry Withers added.
19/March/2004 – Elizabeth Hicks Withers page added with acknowledgements to Jackie Sanders Nee Peck and Bob Sanders
15/January/2005 – Research is taking place into the circumstances surrounding Richard’s change of name from Baker to Withers whilst living in Ireland.
02/April/2017 - Family History additions regarding Maria Withers. Extensive additions concerning Samuel Withers and family move from Bristol to London and additional family members included. Family tree temporarily removed. Further family members to be added from mid to late 1900's.