Wythers (Withers) - 2

Wythers (Withers) of Lancashire

From the traceable Saxon origins around Hampshire a section of the family founded a seat in Lancashire at Pendelton Hall.

At present there is some confusion over the exact dates the Wythers family resided at Pendleton Hall the 2 options being around 1155 to 1350 or 1360 to 1450. This matter will be resolved upon further investigation.

Arkholm, Lancashire became another family seat after they left Pendleton.

It was from Arkholm that some of the family emigrated to North America in the early 1600's.

Branches of the Withers family are traceable in North Somerset, Thornbury nr Bristol, Clatford Hampshire, Romsey, Hampshire, Berkshire and London.

The family tree whose dates are in dispute can be viewed here with powerpoint