Withers in London - Overview


There are a number of sites of interest in the area of Marylebone during the latter half of the 1800's. When Samuel moved up from Bristol circa.1854 he set up a Job Master business. Whether this was originally in Mount Street is not currently know but we do have definite addresses from the Tax assessment records between 1878 and 1884. These addresses are 119 Mount Street, 19,20 and 21 North Row and 23 Farm Street. To get an idea of where the work and home sites are in relation to each other see this MAP.

Currently the first place of residence upon moving to London is found to be 24 Bryanston Street, Marylebone where Samuel lived.

By 1881 Samuel's Son Alfred had moved to 16 Old Quebec Street Marylebone and working in the family Jobmaster firm as a Job Master Veterinary Surgeon.

Also by 1881 another son Henry aged 40 was living at 47 Upper Berkley Street also a veterinary surgeon.

Samuel and family resided in Marylebone for nearly 30 years before moving north up the Edgeware Road and spreading out to Willesden and purchasing Willesden Green Farm.

In 1884 Samuel Hicks Withers died at Willesden Green Farm.

By 1891 Alfred had moved northwards up the Edgeware Road towards Willesden.

In the closing years of the 19th century the signs were already appearing for the beginning of the end of the Job Master industry. The inception of the British motor industry can be traced back to the late 1880s, when Frederick Simms, a London-based consulting engineer, became friends with Gottlieb Daimler.