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Elizabeth Hicks Withers, daughter of Samuel Hicks Withers and Martha Howell Lancashire was born on 21st August 1827 in Bristol. On 28th March 1857 she became, at St Mary's Marylebone, the second wife of William Bishop Peck, a Wine Merchant of Bristol and Freeman of the City. After their marriage the couple lived at 111 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol where they brought up 4 sons and 2 daughters. After the death of William Bishop Peck, Elizabeth continued to run the business. She died on 28th May 1909 at Porlock, Somerset and is buried there in the Cemetery.

Elizabeth and William’s eldest son Herbert Withers Peck was educated at Clifton College and became involved in running the family business for a short time before joining Pulleine's Irregulars, Indian Army, with a commission as Lieutenant. He served in the Gaika and Galeka Wars and the South African War of 1877 -78. He then went to Sarawak where he was Commandant of the Armed Forces to Rajah Brooke from 1885 -1889. He resigned this post in 1889, retaining the rank of Captain; he was then involved in the formation of the Sarawak Civil Service, acting as the Rajah's representative in Labuan.

Resigning from this position in 1901 Herbert Withers Peck returned to England to marry Mary Rebecca Weston-Stevens, daughter of William John Yates Stevens and Rebecca Haddrill Weston, niece and one of the co heirs of Sir Joseph Weston, late Mayor of Bristol, MP for Bristol and Ironmaster. Herbert and Mary lived at 12 College Road, Clifton, Bristol and Burley, Porlock, Somerset, where they brought up 4 sons. Captain Herbert Withers Peck died at Tower House, Branksome Park, PooleDorset on 17th November 1916.

Mary and Herbert's eldest son Herbert Arthur John Weston Peck (known as Captain Jack Peck) was born on 29th September 1902 at Dorset House, Clifton,Bristol. He was educated at Clifton College and Wye Agricultural College, Kent. After his marriage to Joan Tasker Evans he went into farming and with a love and understanding of horses, became a horse trainer. Jack and Joan had 1 son (John Derek) and 1 daughter (Susan Mary).

During WW11 Jack Peck joined the Army as a Lieutenant, RASC, retiring with war injures as Captain. On 22nd July 1944 he married his second wife, Doreen Amy Tregay Scott, at Southend-on-Sea. Doreen was the eldest of three daughters of Herbert Henry William Scott and Amy Florence Scott (nee Hitchcock) of Plymouth, Devon.

With a life long love of horses, after the war Captain Peck became proprietor of the White Horse hunting stables in Exford, Somerset, where his second daughter (Doreen Jacqueline) and second son (Anthony Brian) were born. In 1953 the family moved back to Porlock where Captain Peck became Manager and then Managing Director of PORLOCK VALE RIDING SCHOOL for Captain Tony Collings, at that time the foremost training school with an International reputation.

Jack Peck died in Minehead Hospital on 9th April 1973; his children are living descendants of Elizabeth Hicks Withers.


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