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COLE Family History




Jonathan Cole was born to Joseph and Elizabeth Cole in the closing days of December 1826 in Horsley


Jonathan Cole was born in 1827 in Horsley?
He married Sarah Window in Stroud in 1847 and had 5 children.

William Cole born c1858
Joseph Cole born 1860
George Cole born c1863
Elizabeth Cole born c1865
Annie Cole born c1867
All the children were born in Horsley

In the 1851 Census Jonathan (25) and his wife Sarah (24) are living with Sarah’s 79 year old mother Ann Window together with 3 year old Samuel Cole and 2 month old Joseph Cole both listed as Ann’s grandchildren. Also present at the time of the census is another grandchild of Ann’s 7 year old Eliza Window. Jonathan is listed as an Agricultural Labourer at this time. Horsley is the place of residence.


In the 1861 Census the family is incorrectly listed as Coles. Jonathan is now the head of the household and listed as 34 years old and his wife Sarah as 33 years old. Children living with them at this time are Eliza Cole (17) Sami [Samual](14) John (6) William (3) and Joseph (1)
Again Jonathan listed his occupation as Agricultural Labourer. Horsley is the place of residence.


At the time of the 1871 Census Jonathan (aged 44) had his wife Sarah (aged 44) and 5 children living with him. The children are William (13), Joseph (10), George (8), Elizabeth (6) and Annie (4). Note the Joseph from the 1851 census and the Joseph listed in the 1871 census are not the same person.
Again Jonathan listed his occupation as Agricultural Labourer. Horsley is the place of residence.


In the 1881 Census the whole family is again incorrectly listed under the name Coles. At the time of the 1881 Census Jonathan (aged 54) listed his occupation as General Labourer.

In the 1891 Census Jonathan (aged 64) was listed living just with his wife Sarah at his residence in Horsley. His occupation is listed as Dealer marine store.



Joseph Cole (b1860) married Emily Caroline Radbourne on 2 May1885 at the Parish Church in Clewer (Windsor). Both are listed as living at Clarence Clump at the time of the marriage. They remained living in the area after the marriage.  Caroline’s father, Peter is listed as being a policeman while Joseph’s father Jonathan is listed as a gardener. Joseph stated he was a painter.
Windsor (Clewer) was the family home of the Radbourne family whereas Stroud, Gloucestershire was the family home of Joseph Cole’s family.

They had two boys (known so far) Leopold Harvey Cole born 1893 and William Thomas Sydney born 1896 in Windsor. The two boys moved apart when they grew older, Leopold moving back to Stroud and William moving to the area where his future wife lived in Merstham near Redhill.

Leopold Harvey Cole was living in Nailsworth, Stroud working as a bootfitter when he married Ellen May Pinnell in 1920 in the Horsley Parish Church, Stroud and remained living in Stroud. Horsley was where the Pinnell family and Leopold’s grandparents lived. By the time of their marriage in 1920 Leopold’s father Joseph was deceased but his mother Emily was a witness to the wedding.

They had a son Joseph Leopold Charles (one child known so far)(often referred to as Joseph L C in documents) who was born in 1924 at home in Horsley Road, Nailsworth, Stroud.

During the Second World War Joseph L C joined the RAF and became a pilot. After the war he moved back to Stroud and worked as a sheet metalworker which was his occupation during his subsequent years.

In 1948 Joseph L C married Patricia Mary Elaine Chard in Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, South Wales.

They had three children:
1. Linden B Cole born in the Cotswold Maternity Home on 6th April 1952 registered in Cirencester although the parents are listed as living at 7 Gladfied Square, Dudbridge, Stroud at the time of registration..
2. Deborah Elaine Cole born 5th June 1958 at home in Stringers Drive Rodborough, Stroud
3. Tracy Alison Cole born 2nd September 1959 at home in Stringers Drive Rodborough, Stroud

Joseph Leopold Charles Cole Died aged 42 at home at Stringers Drive Rodborough, Stroud on 2nd August 1966


William Thomas Sydney Cole married May Rachel Elizabeth Huggins on 5 August 1922 at All Saints Church, South Merstham.

They had twins Ronald William and Eileen May Cole born in 127 Aldbury Road, Merstham, Surrey on 18 March 1924. The family later moved to 34 Brook Road Merstham when Ron was 5 years old. William and May lived there for the rest of their lives.
Ronald and Eileen went to Merstham School. When Ron left school at 14 he went into an apprenticeship at a motor body builders working with wood building the bodies for GPO lorries. This was disrupted by the advent of the Second World War. Ron enlisted in the RAF at aged 17 ¼, did his basic training in Blackpool and learnt his trade at Kirkham
Ron started in 132 Squadron but later moved to 130(Punjab) squadron where he served until the end of the war in 1945.

William Thomas Sydney Cole died in January 1963.

May Rachel Elizabeth Cole died in 1987.

Eileen Cole married Joseph Baldwin in 1942 and had 4 children. Eileen died in 2004.


Ronald William Cole Married Moreen Cicely Withers-Lancashire in 1945 after the end of the war at a church in Pollards Wood Norbury. Ronald died in Brighton on 30 November 2016.

They had two children:
Roger Vernon Cole b1949 in Mayday Hospital, Croydon
Stephen Martin Cole b1953 at home at 87 King Henrys Drive New Addington, Surrey.

Moreen Cole died on 10th March 2002 in War Memorial Hospital, Milford On Sea, Hampshire.
(Moreen was born with the name as spelt here but this was often erroneously corrected to Maureen and for most of her life was also known by the nickname Nin and later Nina)

See the separate page for the life of Ronald William Cole


Roger Vernon Cole was married in Bromley in1974 to Sylvia Mary Clare and had two children.

Matthew Oliver Cole b 28 October 1980
Benjamin David Cole b 13 May 1983

Roger Cole was Divorced from Sylvia, the decree absolute was granted on 14 May 1993.

Roger Cole married Barbara Ann Raybould nee Cox in Bromley in March 2007.

In June 2007 Roger and Barbara moved from Beckenham to Coxes Lock Mills, Addlestone, Surrey.


Stephen Cole was married in Sydenham in 1973 to Patricia Marks

Later divorced.


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